Research – Craig M. Tennenhouse, Ph.D.

Graph Theory

My primary research area is Graph Theory, in particular Graph Saturation, resolving sets, and applications of Graph Theory in modeling. I am also interested in the connections between Graph Theory/Network Science and social networks.

Combinatorial Games

Combinatorial Games are usually two-player pure strategy games with perfect information (no dice or hidden cards). I study mostly impartial combinatorial games.

Kyle Burke, Ph.D. and I wrote a book on Combinatorial Game Theory and Discrete Mathematics. 

I have had the pleasure of working with the following research collaborators:

Kyle Burke, Carrie J. Byron, Michael Ferrara, Michael Fisher, Breanna Flesch, Matthew Ferland, Jeri L. Fox,  Valentin Gledel, Silvia Heubach, Cameron Hodgdon, Melissa A. Huggan, Michael S. Jacobson, Woon Yuen Koh, Jessica McDonald, Kevin Milans, Richard J. Nowakowski, Gregory J. Puleo, James Quinlan, James Sulikowski, and Paul Wenger.

I am always looking for UNE students willing to learn about and work with me on research projects. Please get in touch!