Teaching – Craig M. Tennenhouse, Ph.D.


Spring of 2024 I will be on sabbatical


Mathematics for Liberal Arts
College Algebra
Math Applications for Management
Calculus I, Calc II, Calc III
Discrete Mathematics, Intro to Proofs
Graph Theory with Applications
Geometry (Euclidean and non-Euclidean)
Modern Algebra
Real Analysis
Complex Analysis
Network ecology (team-taught)
​Mathematics research seminar
The Math of Games and Puzzles
Machine Learning
Intro to Programming

Teaching philosophy

I believe that mathematics is best taught by motivating curiosity. When we want to know more, we are willing to put in the work to learn. If I can encourage excitement and inquiry about a topic then teaching and learning are fun, and we all look forward to more of it. I’ve found that curiosity is supported by depth into the foundations of a topic, rather than a cursory explanation. Once students see how exciting and creative the process of mathematics is, they engage with it in a way that anchors real understanding.I’m a strong advocate for active learning methods and I use a lot of Inquiry-Based Learning in my classes.